Riverside Ramble 2017 Setup Information

Oddmall: Riverside Ramble is nigh!!

Setup information went out earlier this week in emails, but we’re going to post it here just in case.

  • Each booth is a 10×10′ space. Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables, chairs, displays, canopies, etc. ALL TENTS MUST BE PROPERLY WEIGHTED AND/OR STAKED IN THE GROUND!

  • If you need a handicapped space, you may want to consider a booth between #1 and #118.

  • Riverside Ramble runs from 10 am to 7 pm on Saturday, May 20th.
    This is a pet friendly, family friendly, event for all ages – so bring all of your friends, family, and everyone else you can!
  • This is a rain or shine event! (As of Tuesday the chance of rain is getting smaller and is down to a 20% chance with partly sunny skies and a stray chance of rain or thunderstorm later in the day.) Please plan accordingly!
  • Hours Overview:

    Artist/Vendor/Food Truck/Food Vendor Set-Up
    Saturday: 6 am to 10 am

    Show open to the public
    10 am to 7 pm

    7 pm to 10 pm (ish)

  • Set-up

    • It will be one way in and one way out of the park during set up. (Please see attached map.)
      • Please pull in to Stadium Park from the NORTH end along Fulton Road NW.
      • You will follow Stadium Park Drive SOUTH until you are relatively close to your space. (Please see maps.)
      • Booths will be setup along each side of the walking paths on each side of the river.
      • If you are on the other side of the river, you can either cart or carry your items across the bridge at either end of the park. You can also pull up on Monument Road or temporarily into the parking lot next to the restrooms at the south end of the park and carry your items. Note: There is a bit of a hill and train tracks along this side. Carting/carrying items across the bridge is probably the best solution.
      • A contingent of Oddmall staff and volunteers will be on hand to help direct traffic, help you find your booth space, and possibly help carry items.
      • Once your items are unloaded from your vehicle, please continue SOUTH until you reach 12th Street.
      • When vendors exit the park along 12th Street, we will have staff directing traffic further South into the designated Vendor Parking Area closer to the McKinley Monument.
      • Handicapped parking is available near the restrooms off of 12th Street, but space is limited.
    • All cars MUST be removed from Stadium Park Road by 9:45 am and parked in the designated vendor parking lot. The majority of the road will not be accessible during the event – it will be pedestrian traffic only.
    • Please pull up as directed by Oddmall volunteers and staff and begin unloading your car. If you are close by, please take your items to your booth quickly and then move your vehicle before setting up your booth. If you are further away, please unload your items off to the side, move your car, then come back and move your items to your booth. PLEASE DO NOT BEGIN SETTING UP YOUR BOOTH UNTIL YOUR CAR IS MOVED! There are a lot of vendors and things to be carried and set up, but not much time. Please be patient and kind to each other in the process.
    • If you have a cart or dolly that is good on grass/gravel, you will most likely want to bring it with you!
    • This is an outdoor event – please bring your canopy!
      • Vendors are responsible for making sure their canopies are sufficiently weighted. (aka, don’t take a chance and always attach weights to your tent – it protects your booth and merchandise, your neighbors’ booths, and even the folks attending the show from the dangers of flyaway tents.)
      • We prefer the use of weights instead of stakes, but if you must stake your tent, stakes must be kept out of walkways and fit inside your 10x10′ area AND all stakes MUST be removed from the grass before you leave. (We don’t want to cause tripping hazards or leave something for the mowers or an unsuspecting person to find!)
      • This is an outdoor event. The field gets full sun during the day, so please watch the weather and plan accordingly with sidewalls for your canopy, sunblock, hats, picnic blankets, umbrellas, proper footwear, etc.
    • Electric/table rentals will NOT be available at this event to artists and vendors. Please bring your own battery or solar powered generators, chargers, lights, etc. Again, all vendors are required to bring their own canopy, weights, tables, displays, chairs, etc. Food vendors and food trucks are responsible for securing any necessary permits and licenses they may need.
    • ALL VENDORS, ARTISTS, AND FOOD TRUCKS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEANING UP AFTER THEMSELVES AND MAKING SURE THAT TRASH IS ACTUALLY IN THE TRASH BINS. DO NOT LEAVE TRASH ON THE GROUND! (There were several vendors and food trucks who left trash flying around at the last outdoor show, and that was so not cool. Any vendor leaving a large mess behind at any event may not be invited back.)
  • Tear Down

    • Reverse it! Vendors can drive back up Stadium Park Drive from South to North. It will be ONE WAY again.
    • Please pack up and tear down your booth BEFORE getting your vehicle. Once loaded, please move promptly to allow others to load their vehicles.
    • NO EARLY TEAR DOWNS EXCEPT FOR EMERGENCIES! It is unprofessional and ruins the show for other vendors and attendees. (Plus, you can’t get your car into the show anyways.) You may begin tearing down at 7 pm.
  • Please check the vendor list on the Riverside Ramble website (http://riversideramble.oddmall.info) to ensure that we have your information, website, and booth name are displayed correctly. (Please note: We try our very best to accommodate everyone’s booth preferences to the best of our abilities, but due to the large number of variables we must take into account when planning an event (and the overwhelming requests for corner spaces), we cannot guarantee anyone’s location 100%. If you would like a different booth location (and it is still available), please let us know as soon as possible.)

    If you did not supply a website during sign up or are sharing a booth with a friend, please contact us so that we can update your information. Not only will this create more traffic for your business prior to the show (or even after), but we are planning a show booklet and would like to include the most up-to-date information.

As vendors continue to sign up, we will feature them on the Oddmall Facebook Page and Oddmall Goodies Pinterest Board!

We ask that you add your email address to our Oddmall Newsletter. Keep an eye out for this, as this is how we will communicate new information, news, and setup information in the upcoming weeks. If you would like to use a different email address or unsubscribe at any time, you can do so by following the same link or visiting the Oddmall website.

If you would like any flyers for distribution at upcoming events, in local shops, businesses, restaurants, etc, please send your mailing address to Krystal at Krystal@MuthaOithCreations.com.

Oddmall is always on the lookout for super-awesome volunteers! If you are up to the task, please send us an email! We are looking for a few more good folks to help vendors during setup and teardown, direct traffic, handout programs and maps, help with booth sitting and lunch breaks, etc.

By signing up with us, you are agreeing to allow us to use your images and information to promote your shop, business, website, etc in the context of being an Oddmall participant. You may appear on our websites, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, advertisements, etc.  We like to give shoppers an idea of what they can find at Oddmall, and this will also bring more business to your shop and booth!

You can also connect with and share Oddmall in these other great places:

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Don’t forget to use #OddmallOhio on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
Again, we thank you so much for being a part of this awesome event, we couldn’t do it without you! (Honestly and truly!) We can’t wait to see you on the big day!

Love Always,
The Oddmall Crew

P.s. Oddmall Artists and Vendors may also be interested in Con on the Cob – a 4 day gaming and geek convention where we have The Mutha of All Marketplaces!

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