Oddmall: Riverside Ramble 2018 Registration is LIVE!!!!!

Man, what a fun time we had at Oddmall: Riverside Ramble 2017!

The Great Eyewash Eyeball Race was a blast (even though the eyeballs got blown into the rocks and we had to start over)!

Over 120 amazing vendors showed up and thousands of people wandered through. Of course, we learned a few things this first time around and we are now armed with the knowledge needed to make 2018 even better! Here are a few such things:

  • We noticed the west side of the river (Village 1) was getting considerably more traffic than the east (Village 2). This was probably due to the fact that the food vendors were on the west side and the fact that the bridges were spaced pretty far apart. To combat this concern we will have food vendors on both sides of the river in 2018. Also, the city of Canton is building a third bridge across the river, closer to the middle. This will make getting back and forth much easier. We are also considering some sort of ferry…
  • Several people expressed concern that the show was only one day. It was indeed a bit exhausting to setup, run the show, then close everything down all in a day. Therefore, 2018’s show will be two days long. Of course, this means a small increase in booth fees, since we’ll have to hire security overnight and a few other costs arise as well. However, any vendors who have already signed up will not be charged extra. Additionally, there will be a brief grace period (now until July 1) during which vendors can sign up at the original low price of only $75 (which will cover BOTH days). If a particular vendor only wants to do the show for one day, that’s fine, but the price will be the same either way.
  • Also, in accordance with the fact that the show will now be two days long we are working with the city to allow overnight camping in the park (for free). This means vendors will be able to bring tents and sleep right next to their booths, if they so choose. This isn’t a 100% sure thing yet, but it looks promising.
  • We are looking into bringing more outdoor games and activities into the mix. Such things as archery, more kid crafts, croquet, frisbee, cornhole, and pro wrestling might be things that are things…

Anyway, registration is now open and the discounted price is only in effect for a limited time. Nab yourself a booth and save yourself some clams by clicking here: http://riversideramble.oddmall.info/vendor-registration/

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