The Great Oddmall Eye Wash 2018

  • May 20, 2017
    4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

You’ve heard of the “Duck Derby” and “Duck Races”, but here at Oddmall we had to put a bit of a spin on the tradition… Just in time for Oddmall: Riverside Ramble, we are announcing

The Great Oddmall Eye Wash!


We love doing strange things and we love making Oddmall awesome – so we thought we’d combine the two to bring you this wonderfully entertaining event that lets us give away prizes.

The proceeds from each duck eyeball purchased will help us bring even more wonderful things to each event, keep admission free (although we do encourage a $5 donation), and keep artist/vendor booth fees as low as possible. 


Much like the duck races, participants can reserve their ducks eyeballs for $5 each (or 5 for $20).

You can purchase them in advance online (before 11:59 pm Tuesday, July 24th) by using this registration form and submitting payment OR during Riverside Ramble on July 28 (up until 3:30 pm or until we run out of eyeballs). 

Once you get to Riverside Ramble, be sure to check in at the Eye Wash Station (next to the gift shop) to get your number(s) and to check out the full list of prizes you can win!

At 4 pm on July 28th and again at 4 pm on July 29, Oddmall Staff will release all of the numbered eyeballs at the bridge located near Village 4. Eyeballs will be allowed to travel downstream to the second bridge (in Village 1). Staff will be in the water to call out and record the first numbers to cross the finish line! We’ll also write the winners down on a big sign at the Eye Wash Station.


What if my eyeball gets stuck?
Balls will be let loose all at the same time and will be left to float downstream uninterrupted – even if they were to get stuck along the bank or something of that nature. (When we visited recently, there was very little to no obstructions in or along the river.)

However, low water level could reveal something we didn’t see before. Staff will take a look of the conditions the day of and decide how to proceed if a large portion of balls were to get stuck somewhere.

Do I get to pick my number(s)?
Unfortunately, no. 

Do I get to keep my eyeball(s) after the race?
No. We’ll keep the eyeballs so we can be sure that we have collected them all and can reuse them for next year.

Do I have to check in?
You will need to check in at the Eye Wash Station before 3:30 pm on May 20th to get your number(s).

Do I have to be there to claim my prize(s)?
Yes. You don’t have to be present at the race (even though that’s the best part), but prizes must be claimed in person the day of the race at the Eye Wash Station, before the end of Oddmall at 7 pm. 

What are the prizes?
We’ll award prizes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and last place ducks eyeballs, as well as for any donated prizes.

Can I donate prizes?
If you’d like to donate items, gift certificates, special coupons, etc to be given away as prizes, please email Krystal at as soon as possible so we can add you to the list.

Is there a limit of how many eyeballs I can purchase?
Heck, no!!! Whether you are purchasing 1 eyeball or 1000 eyeballs, donating prizes, or helping us spread the word – you are directly contributing to making Oddmall an awesome and unique gathering place for all types of folks to gather and celebrate all things artsy, fartsy, handmade, pop-culture, sci-fi, strange, weird, and everything in between!


Venue Website:

Stadium Park, 1200-2500 Stadium Park Dr NW, Canton, Ohio, 44702, United States

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