Oddmall: Riverside Ramble is proud to present a heaping helping of live entertainment for your enjoyment, hosted and emceed by the hilarious Gandersnitch the Goblin!

Entertainment Schedule

Oddmall Stage

11am- The Solo Society
12pm- The Scenic Route
1pm- Whitechapel Jack (Mike Edgerly)
2pm- Sean Benjamin
3pm- Costume Contest
4pm- Mark Bogner: How to Start a Podcast
5pm- Michael McFarland
6pm- Open Mic

Other Oddmall Stage

11:30am – Maria Petti
1pm- Shuvani Dance Company
2pm- Tangent-Bound Live
3pm- [No event during the costume contest]
4pm- Ocean
5pm- The Confused Greenies of the Players’ Patchwork Theater Company

Cosplay Groups in That Have Attended in the Past Include:

The 501st Legion (Vader’s Fist)
The Rebel Legion
The Mandalorian Mercs
Heroes Alliance
Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters

Performer Information

If you are a musician, performer, makeup artist, or anyone else interested in performing at Oddmall, please contact Andy to spout the gab.

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